Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Technology, Media, and Writing

I was just thinking how technology streamlines information and productivity for many people today. I never imagined myself as a grown up using computers, phones, storage clouds and video chats to the capacity that they are being used and are available!
In any case, I think the ability for people to jump into the interweb and search for almost any question and find the answer in the form of a yahoo! answer, a youtube video or the infamous, wikipedia!
Now that we have ipads, I am thinking we are one step closer to using chat videos, websites, social media posts, music, movies and accessing art and other forms of expression right from the circle tables to aid in the discovery of writing!
Although, sometimes we do not need technology to get our point across. I remember a student who came in and was frustrated because she struggled with spelling. She had the word 'glamorous' in her paper and instead of pulling out the dictionary, we cleared our throats and sang the first part of the refrain "g-l-a-m-o-r-ous" from the infamous song by Fergie and sang our way to a clear spelling! The small act of singing a small line boosted her confidence because she knew that she had tools (music lyrics included) to be a successful speller, and after some more work on her paper, an improved writer.
We can use what we know, what we learn from others, and if our brain fails us, we can use our little orange and white tablets!
What stories do you have or what ideas do you have that include an ipad in your consultation?

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Taryn Coetzee said...

You're so right! I was thinking about that a few days ago actually - at the moment I am helping a friend in England with her Honors dissertation. She's actually dyslexic, which makes the situation a little more difficult when 'tutoring' online. We use Skype when working together and I've noticed the 'share your screen' option, which allows you to both share the same screen and, in real-time, observe and make changes to documents whilst discussing the issues, reading aloud, etc. Technology is definitely a useful too for tutoring - in saying that, it does take some getting used to tutoring via something like Skype! Once you do get used to it though, it's brilliant! :)